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Top Five Ways David Breston Can Help Your Drug Case

Just because you've been accused of a drug crime doesn't mean you have to go to jail or prison. There are many ways that you and I can work to reduce your charges, achieve probation, or, even better, get your case dismissed. We'll want to start as early as possible collecting your evidence, researching your case, and negotiating with the prosecution.

Following are five ways I can help your state or federal drug case.

1.  Get Your Evidence Thrown Out

The cops can't just barge into your home or break into your car. There are laws that protect your rights and your privacy. Many times evidence in your case has been unjustly obtained and is not viable in court.

We'll explore the following possibilities to get evidence tossed (and often your case along with it)

  • Did the officers get the evidence through illegal search
    and seizure?
  • Did the authorities violate your 4th amendment rights?
  • Did the police use tips from anonymous sources or
    undercover agents?
  • Has the chain of custody of the evidence been properly documented?
  • Did they present the proper search warrants to you?

Even if the evidence is clean, you and the possession of the drug must be clearly linked. Often we can convince the prosecutor to move on to another case if we show him that that link is not clear-cut. If the link to the evidence is weak and your case is won or dismissed, you can walk away with a clean record and head on to a brighter future.

2. Prep For the Best Outcome

If we go to court, we go prepared. We can run background checks on all officers that worked on your case to ensure that your accusation was not influenced by discrimination. We may also review 911 tapes, video surveillance tapes, and police photographs. Private investigation -- including taking our own crime scene photos, finding and interviewing our own witnesses, and researching the credibility of the prosecution's expert witnesses -- can also turn up some valuable information to help in your defense.

Some of my clients also consider signing up for drug counseling or therapy which, if done before the case goes to court, can help win the judge's or district attorney's sympathy.

When we have a solid plan and a strong defense, the prosecution may decide to back down before things get too far. And if they don't, we'll be ready to present a compelling case to the judge or jury. Chances are, before you know it, you'll be breathing a sigh of relief and returning to life with your freedom intact.

3. Avoid a Trial

Many of my cases never go to trial. If the facts aren't in your favor, you can often plea out or receive probation. If you have a good case, we may also be able to avoid trial by getting your case dismissed. Either way, we'll never put you through the stress of standing before a jury unless we know you have a strong case with an excellent chance of success.

4. Learn Your Options

Should you plead guilty or not guilty?  What you decide to plead is ultimately up to you. I'll present all of your options to you, but I'll never pressure you into a plea decision that you are uncomfortable with. If you are found not guilty or the charges are dismissed, we can wipe the whole thing off of your public record and into your past. If you plead guilty, you'll often be able to get probation.  Either way, our goal is to get this ordeal quickly behind you, so you can get back to the important things in your life -- your home, friends, and family.

5. Save Your Drivers License

If you are convicted of a drug crime, your drivers license may be in danger.  We can save your drivers license by avoiding a final conviction. If your license has been suspended, you still have options. You may have an excellent chance of receiving a restricted drivers license, so you can continue to drive to work and run your day-to-day errands.